It’s one of those things, 300 days becomes 250, then when you look again and it’s 200. Today it’s 140 days. Only 140 days until the first day of the Namib Desert Challenge. If you don’t know already, I’m going to be competing in a staged 5 day, 220km extreme endurance ultra marathon, said to test your physical and mental limits. Searing heat, rugged terrain, canyons, mountains and sand. Think lots of sand, with the highest dunes in the world.

My first thought was that not a lot has happened between my first post after I decided that I was going to compete in the NDC. Upon reflation though, quite a bit has happened. I ran the Royal Parks Ultra, Snowdonia Marathon, MoRun 10k in Greenwich Park, the MudMan and Old Deer Park Half Marathon with an awesome 1:26 finish. Continue reading


…to Medalist. I’ve decided the time has come to start using a site who’s main focus is on a unified timeline. Medalist provide a unique service which makes the whole process of managing your online profile simple and hasslefree, with updates from various social media sites included in your feed. If you’d like to keep […]

So my long weekend in Paris got off to a slightly bumpy start. After being all packed and ready to go, I arrived at St Pancras in good time and went through to passport control and pulled out my passport. The wrong one. Don’t ask my how, but I managed to pack my South African passport, which is not only expired but requires a visa to enter other EU countries! Continue reading

At times it has felt like ages and then on the other hand, it’s gone by so quick since the 16 week training plan kicked into action on 16 December last year. Lots has happened, with a few set backs in-between but that’s never stopped me before!

So, with only 2 weeks to go, it’s down to the final taper. A few fartlek (speed play) sessions, some jogging and and three short, sharp speed sessions which feel leave you hungry for more. It’s times like these that you feel like the horse moments before the race. Continue reading

My training plan for Paris Marathon has been pretty relaxed this week, with the exception of windsprints on Monday lunchtime back and forth across Blackfriars Bridge. I’m not much good at the whole jogging thing, so had to make a conscious effort to slow down for the rest of the week leading up to Sunday’s marathon time trial.

Last month, running apparel brand ashmei were offering an opportunity for applicants to be shortlisted to represent their brand in 2014. I didn’t hesitate to enter, even though I know they are primarily seeking out triathletes this year after approaching them last year for a sponsorship opportunity for the Namib Desert Challenge this July.

“performance, quality and style”On Monday I received the awesome news that I had been shortlisted and was invited to their ambassadors day on Saturday. Continue reading

I’ve been riding a good wave of fitness and inner strength recently. It all came tumbling down at the beginning of February and I was treated for a viral infection, which knocked me sideways for nearly two weeks!

Last week I started running again, with a few shorter training sessions, getting my legs used to motion and some endurance without pushing the limits. By Friday I was feeling much stronger already and with a half marathon fast approaching on Sunday, I treated myself to a leisurely jog.

I did the same on Saturday, this time taking a detour around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, seeing how much progress has been made over the past year or so.


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Continue reading

The past two months have really flown by on the training calendar. It went from happy smiley runs which began to feel more and more autumnal, to getting up at 5am with a quick dash to the DLR for an early morning run up and down One Tree Hill in Greenwich Park before starting the day, eventually switching to repetitions (you may know it as HIIT or High Impact Interval Training), sprints and time trials.

Time trials are staying with me now until Paris Marathon, which is only two months away now! Training has been going well and judging my fitness levels and results, I may be close to a 3 hour marathon time. At present I’m thinking 3:05 will be achievable, however there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and believing your way across the finish line in under 3 hours. Continue reading